Abir Roy

Abir’s journey of becoming a photographer is interesting. He always wanted to do something creative – see things from a different perspective. He is a self taught photographer who firmly believes in practice. His style of photography is preferably based on editorials. He believes in story-telling in a single frame or set of sequential images with a particular thematic ambience and Nude Photography.

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Workshop Mentor

Who can Attend


Studio Photographers

Feb 2020

Seeking career in Fashion Photography

Aspirationist Photographers

photographers, Artist

What you Get?

  • Choreographing The Shoot
  • Understanding The Science Behind The Face Painting And Light
  • Having a well defined process for Editorial Fashion
  • Choice Of Lighting For Storytelling
  • Branding your creative portfolios


16 May 2019

Total Amount : 4,999

Delhi, 11AM -7PM